What Your Writer Needs to Know

Communicate With Your Copy Writer

Effective communication is a key part of every aspect of any business venture. It’s very important if you are working with a writer in creating your content and copy. It becomes vitally important if you are working with a freelance writer. Freelancers are professionals who often write for a variety of client types, products and services. They may not be immediately familiar with you, your business or your needs.

Good writers will ask you a series of questions before quoting and writing an assignment so that they understand exactly what your needs are and how they can address them. Once you have supplied the proper information, they are able to write more quickly and more effectively.

Questions You Should be Ready to Answer

The following are some questions that you will probably be asked. Knowing them ahead of time will allow you to think clearly about your responses and supply your copy writer with good answers:

  • What type of business or organization do you have or represent?
  • What kind of product, service or idea are you promoting?
  • What kind of copy are you requesting? Is it ad copy, an informative or promotional article, white paper or press release? Will it be used on a website or landing page, in a newsletter article or as a direct mail or email offer?
  • Who is your intended or targeted audience? What are their likes, dislikes, educational or business background? What tone or voice should your article have to promote effectively to your targeted readers?
  • What is the key feature of your product or service? What is its key benefit to your potential customers? What problem does it solve, what value does it add or what pleasure does it create? How does it accomplish this?
  • What are some secondary features and benefits of your product, service or idea?
  • Finally, what is the intended or desired outcome or result of the piece? Do you want them to make a purchase, contact you for more information or sign up for a newsletter?

There will be other questions and information to discuss with your writer such as deadlines and budgets; however, this should give you a good start on the process. Studying these questions, analyzing them and drilling down to reach the core answers will allow you to communicate your needs to your copy writer. He or she will then be able to create copy that is focused and effective.

Steve Maurer

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