Content or Copy?

Do you need content or copy for your website? At first glance, they appear to be the same thing. They both are made up of words, sentences and paragraphs.They usually have an introduction, body and conclusion. Both inform or educate the reader and lead them to some kind of conclusion or action. Content and copy are both used to sell.

What they sell is the difference between them.

Copy Sells Products

Your site copy is what sells your product, service or idea. Web copy should:

  • Briefly describe what the product, service or idea is.
  • Explain some of the features and benefits.
  • Ideally, it should let your reader know:
    • how it will solve a problem they have;
    • how it can make their live easier; or,
    • what are the benefits for them.
  • Finally, it should give a call to action:
    • Buy the product or service
    • Request more information
    • Sign up for a newsletter

Content Sells You!

Your site content is there to sell You to the reader or potential customer. The content may not even mention the product or service you are offering. That’s not its job. Content is there to:

  • Describe a situation that your reader will want to address (one your product can solve or help).
  • Promote your credibility as an expert or authority on the subject.
  • Cause your reader to want to read more that you have to say.
  • Promote trust by:
    • providing credible, honest information;
    • answering questions your reader will undoubtedly have; and,
    • cite sources, provide personal experiences or give links to verify the information given.

Which Do You Really Need?

You need both content and copy for your website to be successful. You need content to establish a relationship with your potential client or customer. You need copy to promote the product, service or idea that you are offering.

If all you have is ad copy, you may not sell as much as you would with good content to enhance your image.

Placing ad copy on similar or complementary sites will work to some extent; however, if you aren’t using original content to promote yourself to your readers, your sales campaign will not be nearly as effective.

Steve Maurer

Article copyright 2012 – Maurer Copywriting

Steve Maurer, Maurer Copywriting

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