Industrial, Machine, and Electrical Maintenance

I’ve been involved in various aspects of the industrial maintenance field for over 25 years. Not just in supervision roles, but as the guy who gets his hands dirty as well. When I write about your product or service, it’s from the viewpoint of the one who actually uses it.

Industrial Safety

Workplace safety is a priority, especially in the industrial environment. Safe work practices, machine guarding, fall protection, lockout/tagout and confined space entry are important topics. I’ve been both and instructor and user of these important parts of industry and more.

Personal Computing/Software

Computers have been a passion for me since booting up my old Texas Instruments TI 99/4A back in the eighties. I’m an above average computer user, with skills in computer repair, software installation and home networking, to name a few. I enjoy writing about software and have written tutorials for several programs.

Home Improvement/Home Repair

As a homeowner, I understand the importance of home maintenance. Additionally, I’ve performed many home improvement projects. In fact, rewiring our entire home was a difficult, but much-needed project a few years back. My wife and I did all the wiring, from roughing it in to landing all the electrical devices. I added more receptacles and devices during the project.

If you don’t see your business type or industry listed here, contact me. We still may be able to work together, creating quality copy for your website.

Author: Steve Maurer

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